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Join our Discord community! We will be looking at integrating features from the website and forums. We will also look at making user perks via a subscription (This helps to support the site and the people who run it!). We will release additional information here, in the forums, Discord and via the blog once it is available!

Please Note: New users of the servers will require verification, please visit the verify channel once you have joined. Once you have gained your verification the whole discord will be opened up for you where you can participate in self applied roles, These will unlock hidden categories and hidden updates for a sneak peak behind the scenes

Server Rules

  1. Respect everyone in the server. Treat people like how you want to be treated. Don’t be offensive because it doesn’t make you funny or seem cooler. This server is LGBT friendly as a large portion of the people in this server, including the owner, are members of the LGBT community
  2. Treat the mods properly. They are doing their job, and they are keeping the peace. Don’t talk back to them and don’t ignore them because it won’t make the situation better. Do not block the moderators and respect them for keeping the place safe.
  3. Stop means stop. Please stop when you are told to whether it’s making someone uncomfortable or not. Know when its time to stop.
  4. Please get your roles whenever you join and are verified, if you don’t you will eventually be kicked/banned from the server.
  5.  Joking about suicide, depression, rape, death, and etc is messed up. It’s not funny, do not do it. (This includes crime)
  6. The n-word, f-word (the one used to insult gay people), the 2 t-words (the ones used to refer to trans people), and the d-word (the one used to insult lesbians) are all banned
  7. Slut shaming is banned in all forms
  8. This server is purely sfw and sfl. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then please go ahead and leave.
  9. If you do not have your Sexuality or Gender on the role channel, please contact staff and we will find a suitable role for you.

Let us know what you think!

We are trying to create the best possible experience. Please submit feedback below: